If a situation or person/s has acted upon your life and you reacted by judging because you thought that harm has come your way. And then you decide to forgive. Try the following Forgiveness Integrity Test if you are serious about forgiving. The human mind works through several layers from conscious to sub-conscience and can play tricks on us. Sometimes our own mind can hide deeper resentment. The following five-step test can help alleviate the stumbling blocks to true forgiveness and spiritual cultivation.

  • Don’t think or talk about the event. Try to tell only one ‘trusted’ person about the event for your own personal therapy.
  • If within your power, don’t allow the alleged perpetrator to be intimidated or scared of you.
  • If within your power, don’t allow the alleged perpetrator to feel guilty.
  • Allow the perpetrator to ‘keep face’.
  • Make the forgiveness a life time contract by continually forgiving when the event comes to remembrance.

Your choice to forgive is an act of love and is your sacrifice from being a slave to sickness inducing emotions and thoughts. Individual human thoughts are connected to others. The book ‘Entangled Minds’ written by Dean Radin, discusses this quantum reality in detail. Our thoughts are widely responsible for cause and affect. Religions and other belief systems promote the act of forgiveness. Today’s medical science is on the cutting edge to proving the relationship between forgiveness and health (physical and psychological). So we at JC-motivations invite you to try the aforementioned five step Forgiveness Integrity Test to allow you a deeper positive impact through your forgiveness. You will not only help yourself, you will help humanity.