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Jung and Freud agreed that humans have three minds.  Some philosophers in the past believed that our situation is much more complex than that.  Have you ever wondered why you seem to sabotage your own projects. Or seem to not have a strong enough will to complete the promises you have made. It is as if your will has been hijacked.

Freud named the three minds or egos as Id, Super Ego and Ego.  There is evidence to suggest that there are sub-egos within these main egos.  These sub-egos have been produced over our life by our own reactions to impressions of life in general.  These reactions are formed into subconscious habits.  For example, you may react negatively to the taste or feel of a cucumber when only four years old.  There is nothing actually wrong with the cucumber, in fact most people can eat it without persuasion. But you have formed a sub-ego that reacts auto-matically in a negative posture to the cucumber.  You don’t like the cucumber, and your sub-ego, because it is mindstuff, will logically rationalise why you don’t like it.  This creation of sub-egos actually steals a portion of your consciousness.  Your consciousness gives you memory and will power.  This sub-ego thief (phantom) has stolen a portion of your consciousness in order to exist and survive and its negative reaction to the cucumber is its main theme of existence.

Revolutionary Psychology will eliminate sub-egos and give back to you your consciousness. Give back to you your WILL POWER and MEMORY POWER.  This will help against self sabotage and give more power to your SUCCESS in life.

JC-Motivations can deploy tried and proven techniques to first discover patterns associated with the sub-egos, identify and then eliminate them.

Success comes from voluntary suffering, discipline and inner conscious work.

The rewards outweigh the hardship of revolutionary psychological therapy.

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