This service is a one on one investigation on personal sabotage and blockers to any goal. It assists in the creation and/or enhancement of any ambition and goal. Its main focus is on fuelling and maintaining dynamic Motivation and fired up zealousness without the trappings of burnout.


This service covers all dimensions of your life. It is a discovery journey of your weaknesses and strengths. Assisting in the transference of a set of skills and strength in one area of your life to another area. It assists in the balance of body, emotion, mind and spirit and maximising personal health and wealth.

Spiritual Coaching

This service is not a conversion to another belief system. On the contrary it enhances the seeker’s will and ability to an already chosen path. Neutral all round, globally tried and proven spiritual cultivation methods will be employed to give the seeker unshakable zealousness and faith in their personal spiritual walk. Each person has their own fingerprint spirit path whether they are part of an already established religion or not.