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JC-Motivations Seven Lifelines

Gratitude and giving

Wake up and thank the universe, the earth and your soul, THANK YOUR INNER MASTER TO TAKE CONTROL…. always thank, always be in a thankful and appreciative mood, always see the positive and brighter side of every daily phenomenon and be very thankful…. try to be thankful in spirit and essence every moment of your being. Give your thanks to the Universe, and give activity to your master and your master will lead you to where giving will go outside of your being, but first give to yourself and heal.

Mastery and discipline

CONSTANTLY VISUALISE YOURSELF AS MASTER OF SELF AND FULL EPITOMY OF DISCIPLINE…. the word disciple comes from discipline….. be a disciple to your inner master…. let him rule…..24/7 think, eat, sleep, breath, feel the MASTERSHIP… are the MASTER

Activities and work

WORK AND WORK AGAIN…..this can link with health because exercise is activity…. keep busy with activity while thanking the universe and being the master…. your activities are household chores, exercise, helping others, study, creative recreation and creation. MEDITATION AND VISUALISATION is activity. Balance the whole lot, and also focus on some when the MASTER tells you. Don’t worry about how the master will tell you. You will know in time after practice. But you already know.

Joy, happiness and pleasure

This links in with activities, work, mastery, discipline, gratitude, and all the other facets of life coaching. Visualise constantly you being happy. Give yourself rewards after long periods of activity and work…..then you will appreciate your rewards more. But the other facets of lifecoach will automatically give you joy, happiness and pleasure.

Friendship and new experiences

This will happen automatically as you step outside of your comfort zone, your house and your habit way of thinking. Try slowly, new groups and activities. Don’t give up the friendships you already have…if they drain energy, just slow the frequency, but be thankful. Be thankful for all relationships, with everything in the cosmos, because everything in the cosmos is your friend and teacher.

Prosperity and health

Diet, exercise and correct thinking. VISUALISE yourself in this manner. Prosperity will automatically come from gratitude, activity and giving (to yourself first) and from pondering and visualising purpose and meaning.

Purpose and meaning

Focus each night before you go to sleep on purpose and meaning, write down your thoughts, more important for day to day items, what to do next day. But future is good to, but is danger for DISTRACTION.

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